Love Wins Screws Sculpture

Echoing the recent events that hit the entire world, and Brussels in the beginning of this week, artist Andrew Myers reminds us that love is powerful, through his sculpture Love Wins. Known for his screws’ sculptures, Andrew made this new piece with screws, oil painting and a white metal frame. It is a powerful piece which portrays a hand of a child plugging the barrel of a handgun with her finger, in return, its effects reversed.


Originally posted on: Fubiz Media ยป Design

Christian Rivera

Long ago in a land covered in Dragonball Z websites there was a pile of rubble amidst a destroyed cityscape. The pile shook and the ashes rose from the ground slowly then suddenly beams of light arose from the mound of rock and debris. Christian Rivera then bursted out of this cement cage with fire of a thousand suns, yelling for no apparent reason but somehow it made him stronger. He kept yelling, incessantly, actually, until someone said "Hey, hey, calm down!" and so he did. When the dust settled he began his career as a writer, designer and producer with a mostly okay power level.